WoWSL: Level 1

Welcome to the new site. This blog will be used to share the (very) crazy ideas from WSL fans who like to test and adapt existing solutions to WSL.

So be ready to read about crazy, and potentially see some “world firsts”.

Giving thanks

And before I write anything else, I truly want to Thank a person that simply is one of the most incredibly amazing I ever knew: Monsieur Brian!

Words cannot tell how much he does for the communities he’s involved with and how many persons he helped. I’m simply lucky to be one of them.

Merci infiniment mon Ami!

Back to the blog

Now that the most important message is shared, I welcome you again to this blog that will host mainly proof of concepts around WSL and will also link to other blogs/resources.

And if you do know or, even better, did something nice (read crazy) within WSL, please let us know and we will link or blog about it.

>>> Nunix out <<<